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    Slow days are hard to accept sometimes

    Some days you just have a slow day. Today is one of those. I went to bed last night trying to make my "to do" list for the day and was left scratching my head thinking, "You have no pressing must-dos for tomorrow."

    That may sound like a nice thing, but when you've spend the last four months in a flurry of 24/7 "what's next" planning, it's a bit disorienting to have a day completely wide open.

    Last Saturday was a day of flurry activities at the Mayflower Arts Center. Troy's downtown Halloween parade and costume contest was held just outside the doors of the Mayflower followed by trick or treat at the downtown busineses. We got the lobby all decorated, candy ready to give out, costumes (I revived my Timbledor costume for the gala), and opened the doors. We gave out candy to over 800 kids (as a guess).

    Then got ready for my bookmaking class which was held in my studio upstairs because the theater was being used by the improv class and the downstairs studio was being used for a painting class. For my bookmaking class, we created 5 or 6 books (two of them were "prototypes" so they not count as actual finished books.) Then flipping the downstairs studio into an exhibit space for the work created by the fall pre-schoolers this fall. As soon as that was over cleaning that up and flipping the the lobby gallery to get ready for the closing reception of the current exhibit.

    It was a busy day of shifting gears and spaces.

    Sunday was a bit calmer. Coming to Panera for some internet time and prepping for teaching photo classes back in Michigan, back to the studios to print and organize those materials, then off to Mojos for a beer pairing dinner and meeting new friends. Back to the theater for a private screening of "How to Draw a Bunny" which always makes me think.

    So, today I'm trying to just enjoy the down time and doing research for "the next things". All the while debating with myself if I should head off to some galleries or go on an adventure or just fill the time with being busy. Or I could just relax, take it easy and plan for the next chapters.



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