timothy wells


  • Wrapping up 2015

    Well as is tradition in our society, I'm using the down time around the end of December to look back on the year that's been and the year that's to be.

    I'm part of a critique group and we met last week to critique the latest work of the group's members. Due to my residency, this was the first meeting I've been a part of since last June. Preparing and selecting photos and paintings to take to the group made me once again realize just how much new work I've made. I've even completed a few series of work, which is something I usually have a tough time doing. I'm always wanting to keep adding new work to never-ending projects.

    But somehow along the way, ending the residency also seems to have given me an end point for much of the work I made there.

    Also, going through the books I've read this year. Usually my summer reading list includes lighter fare and escapism topics. However, this year my reading list has pretty much been in the arts category. The more recent books have been my favorite of the year (but that could be because they are the most recent readings.)  Both books have more highlighted than not in them.  Patti Smith's M Train and Eric Fischl's Bad Boy. Some keen insight into the thoughts and people behind the art - an area I really enjoy exploring.

    Things are underway for another exciting year for next year. Preparing work for shows, preparing applications for shows, and still trying to sort out the studio space thing. 

    Enjoy the end of the year thinking and planning!